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KRAMER KT-107 - 7 Zoll Touch Panel für Wand- oder Tischnutzung mit PoE

KRAMER KT-107 - 7 Zoll Touch Panel für Wand- oder Tischnutzung mit PoE

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Listenpreis: 1500,00 €
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Gewicht:1,700 kg


7–Inch Wall & Table Mount PoE Touch Panel


  • Control user interface in meeting and conference rooms, boardrooms, and auditoriums
  • Presentation of room scheduling
  • 7” elegant, portable, high–quality touch panel
  • Single Ethernet cable for connectivity & powering
  • Resilient 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi–Fi connectivity
  • Flexible mounting and security options
  • Android 6.0 OS

KT-107 is a 7-inch IPS multi-touch, powerful touch panel with 1280x800 resolution. Elegantly designed for decorative room integration, this portable touch panel can be deployed either tabletop or on-wall, mounted inside standard in-wall junction boxes. KT-107 supports wired Power over Ethernet (PoE) and advanced Wi-Fi connectivity options. The touch panel comes with table and wall mounts, a USB cable and a power supply unit for easy installation, with elegant wiring and secured mounting, reliable operation and flexible deployment. The KT-107 is an Android-based touch panel that is ideal for any 24/7 Kramer-supported commercial AV or control application and features a user-friendly, fully customizable graphical user interface configured by Kramer software.

  • Elegant Design — Smooth integration with room furniture design, either on table or wall, with flexible panel cabling and locking design options.
  • Superior User Experience — IPS 1280x800 hi–resolution screen with ±80° horizontal and vertical wide viewing angles, built–in lighting sensor for auto–adaptable brightness, with advanced 10 multi–touch points and 2–finger gesture capabilities.
  • Powerful Processing — Quad–core CPU, GPU, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM processing performance, smoothly running complicated media and graphics rich applications, such as H.265 video and audio streams encoding and decoding, and seamless hi–resolution 2Mp HD front camera operations.
  • Flexible Services — Advanced Android 6.0 Operating System with rich Kramer and market–available applications from cloud/store offerings, such as K–Touch Control and EventBoard Scheduling applications.
  • Easy Installation — Powering and connectivity via a single Ethernet cable.
  • Flexible Mounting — Including table and wall mounts that fit into standard market–available 2 gang in–wall junction boxes.
  • Optional Connectivity — Simple wireless BTLE 4.0 Bluetooth as well as connection to USB peripheral devices for either table or wall–mount installations, using the included USB cable.
  • Reliable Networking — Seamless switching between wired and wireless 802.11ac connectivity.
  • Versatile Powering Options — PoE, PSU and battery.
  • Auto Sensing — Optimized performance and operation according to automatically detected LAN speed.
  • Firmware Update — Via USB port.
  • Secured Deployment — Flexible locking options to prevent unwanted panel–mount removal, elegantly designed to remain out of site.
  • Secured Operation — Highly secured operation of applications such as password protected exit, hidden control buttons and so on. Red LED alert when camera is active.

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